Pampanga’s Best Inc. Foundation

Sharing Food, Sharing Love

History: Pampanga’s Best Inc. (PBI) has long-been nurturing its foundation, IBACA (Ibayung Cabalantian, which means “Bagong Cabalantian”) that caters to help people from Cabalantian, Bacolor. Through the years, PBIhas reached where it is now because of the support of consumers buying PBI products.  Because of its success, PBI has been giving back to the less-fortunate sectors of society; thus, the institution of the PAMPANGA’S BEST, INC. (PBI) FOUNDATION.

A Legacy of Charity:  The PBI Foundation has been active in reaching out to people in need since 2016 during calamities, specifically flood relief operations.  Thousands of Capampangan lives, not only in San Fernando, have been touched via the relief goods.

Renewed Mission: Feeding School Children:  True to its “Sarap ng Tunay na Pagmamahal” campaign, the PBI Foundation has launched its Feeding Program entitled “Sharing Food, Sharing Love”.  Since September 2018, PBI has shown its love and care to over 1,000 elementary school pupils from ten barangays in the City of San Fernando.  Sustainable nourishment is the focus of this school feeding program.

The smiles and laughter of the kids were very evident as Pampanga’s Best Sarap products like tocino, longaniza, hotdog, and embotido were specially prepared with rice in a cup.  The PBI Foundation is truly grateful to the barangay officials, PTA officers, teachers, and parents of these student-beneficiaries in working hand in hand to making this feeding program successful.

Feeding the Rescuers:  After April 22’s devastating earthquake in Porac, Pampanga, the PBI Foundation “Sharing Food, Sharing Love” program turns its attention to feeding the rescue workers and volunteers.  As a gesture of gratitude to these selfless rescue workers, the PBI Foundation gives out almost a thousand delicious rice meals to nourish these modern-day heroes.  Once again, Pampanga’s Best Sarap products longaniza and embutido were carefully prepared with rice in a cup.

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