Corporate Social Responsibility


More than business acumen, more than ingenuity and innovation, diligence and perseverance, it is love and compassion for others that pave the way for the success of Pampanga’s Best, Inc. The Founder, Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, established the IBACA Foundation, a humanitarian organization in Brgy. Cabalantian with almost one thousand members. Members are guided and cared for physically and spiritually, they were also given educational support, medical assistance, housing grant and even funeral and burial services.

Pampanga’s Best Foundation: Faces of Relief

(Relief Operations-August)
Heavy rains have been experienced since the 2nd week of August. It is of common knowledge that Pampanga has low-lying villages that experience yearly recurring floods during the rainy season. Since August raining started this year, some towns of Pampanga were under ankle to waist-deep floods. Floodwaters continue to rise up every time rain pours down.