Corporate Social Responsibility


More than business acumen, more than ingenuity and innovation, diligence and perseverance, it is love and compassion for others that pave the way for the success of Pampanga’s Best, Inc. The Founder, Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, established the IBACA Foundation, a humanitarian organization in Brgy. Cabalantian with almost one thousand members. Members are guided and cared for physically and spiritually, they were also given educational support, medical assistance, housing grant and even funeral and burial services.


Pampanga’s Best, Inc. is also committed to promoting environmental care by understanding environmental issues and disseminates good practice. Various activities such as tree planting, city-wide clean up day, cleaning of waterways and other similar events are being participated by the company regularly. The Company has also built facility solely for waste segregation purpose in its effort to achieve zero-waste.


Employees are the largest contributors in the achievement of the company’s objective, that is why Pampanga’s Best, Inc. demonstrates corporate social responsibility by treating employees fairly and ethically. The Company also established Family Welfare Program to ensure the implementation of its dimensions such as but not limited to Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood, Education/Gender Equality, Spirituality or Value Formation, Environment Protection, Hygiene and Sanitation, Sports and Leisure, Income Generation/Livelihood, Medical Health Care, Nutrition, Housing and Transportation