The Management of Pampanga’s Best would like to warn the public against persons posting as “employees” of the company who have already victimized a number of people.

  • These posers rove around, house to house, in barangays / subdivisions, luring businessmen into purchasing Pampanga’s Best products issued through fake receipts, without the victim’ knowledge that they would be paying a considerable amount than what the total worth of the said products.
  • Unsuspecting victims are presented with identification cards, stating that the suspects are legit employees of Pampanga’s Best, Inc., as well as brochures indicating the packages offered for the products.
  • These “posers” also promise unsuspecting entrepreneurs of “benefits” once they agree to sell Pampanga’s Best products, plus a substantial commission and a big discount.
  • The benefits being promised come in the form of free “freezers and rent payment” for the stalls where these entrepreneurs would supposedly sell the products.
  • They would then promise to come back in a few days along with a promised freezer.

Because of these unfortunate incidents, which have been transpiring for some time now, the Management of Pampanga’s Best, Inc., is strongly advising the public to be vigilant against these unscrupulous individuals or group of individuals.

Before making any business transaction, we encourage all parties interested in dealership to verify first with Pampanga’s Best Inc. by calling these nos.: 0933-1022492 / 0927-5244425

If you have fallen victims to these modus operandi, please report any incident to the proper authorities (nearest barangay or police station) so that appropriate action may be taken against these individuals, or you can also contact the following nos.:

CIDG – Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crime Division
Lt. Alagar St., Camp Crame, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. (02) 723-0401 / 412-1101 local 5322

We Value Your Safety. Be Alert and Keep Safe.