What’s your childhood memory of your mother’s love? Her unlimited loving kisses from morning till she tucked you in bed at night? Her warm embraces when she congratulated you for a job well done or when you felt anxious and sad? Or her sweet, beautiful smile as she serves you with food that she considers best?

June 18, 2016 was the shooting day of Pampanga’s Best TV Commercial: Best Tocino, Noon at Ngayon.  Pampanga’s Best collaborated with a competent production team in executing this legacy-themed commercial.


Story revolves around Baste, a boy who loves his mom’s cooking so much. Since 1967, Pampanga’s Best Tocino has been Baste’s favorite viand—from the aroma while tocino’s being fried, to the unique sweet-salty taste in every appetizing bite.  50 years after, Baste still gets to enjoy  the delicious treat of his favorite tocino. This time, his lovely wife is the one serving him and his kids their favorite. With every tasty encounter with the “original” tocino, Baste becomes nostalgic—being brought back to his special memories with his mom.

That was a wrap.


Surely, you also have good old memories that enliven you up until this time. Perhaps, it’s time for you to start making memory-imprinting moments. Try serving the “Original” and the “Best” Tocino.