The Management of Pampanga’s Best would like to warn the public against persons posing as “employees” of the company who have already victimized a number of people from Central Luzon, National Capital Region and other part of Luzon.

Unsuspecting victims are presented with identification cards, stating that the suspects are valid employees of Pampanga’s Best, Inc., as well as brochures indicating the packages offered for the products.

These “posers” have also promised unsuspecting entrepreneurs of “benefits” once they agree to sell Pampanga’s Best products, plus a hefty commission and a big discount.

The benefits promised come in the form of “freezers and rent payment” for the stalls where these entrepreneurs would supposedly sell the products.

Part of their modus operandi, based on reports, would be to lure businessmen into purchasing the said the products, without knowing that they would be paying a considerable amount than what the total worth of the said products is.

They would then promise to come back in a few days along with a promised freezer.

Because of these unfortunate incidents, which have been transpiring for some time now, the Management of Pampanga’s Best, Inc. is strongly advising the public to be vigilant against these unscrupulous individuals or group of individuals.

If you have fallen victims to this modus operandi, please report this incident to the proper authorities so that appropriate action may be taken against these individuals.

Pampanga’s Best, Inc. denies any involvement with or connection to these fake sales agents. Thus, given this notice, the company will not honor any transaction entered with them.”