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Original Tocino The original sweet-salty pork dish that has been a staple Filipino breakfast item for many years. Try it for lunch and dinner as well - with eggs and sinangag, kamatis or sukang sasa or even as sandwich filling. So delicious, you'll keep coming back for more! [...]


Skinless Longaniza With this untraditional sausage, each bite starts sweet and then ends with a spicy kick  --  definitely not your lola’s longaniza.   A familiar yet distinctive taste in a new format, this longaniza can be eaten fried or grilled, alone or as a viand, in a sandwich or with rice, mixed as an [...]


Bestdog Hotdog This reddish hotdog is perfect for feeding hungry kids, friends, and office mates. Plump and firm to the touch, this delicious hotdog lets out delectable juice with every bite. Take it with mayonnaise, cheese, sauerkraut, mustard, catsup, or whatever strikes your fancy. This isn’t named Best Dog for nothing! [...]

Hamburger Patties

Meaty Burger Now, get mouth-wateringly delicious all-beef goodness from Pampanga’s Best Hamburger Patties.  Just serve with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and top with ketchup and mustard and you’ll have a sandwich filling that’s way better than those served in those fast-food joints or fancy restaurants.  Have fun eating these at home or at [...]


Pork Tapa This is the pork version of the tapa, and has a taste that is slightly reminiscent of the tocino, albeit without the red color.  This tapa version is perfect for those who like new tastes and new combinations, and will certainly bring a smile to all those who try it. [...]


Sweet Ham Pampanga’s Best brings you the modern version of that age-old delight -- Sweet Ham, a product that’s designed to be the main fare of gourmet sandwiches.  Pair this with lightly toasted bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and a dash of mayonnaise and you’ll have the makings of a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  You [...]


Pork Barbecue The staple American Southern dish is given a whiff of Pampango magic! Bite into these delectable meaty chunks and taste the unique Pampanga's Best marinade. The contending tastes of salt, vinegar, pepper, garlic, sugar and even a dash of lime vie for supremacy on your taste buds. Do you taste a [...]


Chomps Inspired by the German bratwurst sausage, these delicious, slightly tangy hotdogs can be eaten as hors d’oeuvres or appetizers or as entrées, together with rice or bread.  Eat it with mustard, sauerkraut and beer to complete the German experience.  On the other hand, this hotdog brand is not above being eaten in [...]


Bacon Strips This is Pampanga’s Best’s version of the favorite British breakfast fare, of which an anonymous author wrote in 1750, “Where there is bread and bacon enough, there is no want.”  Made from cured and salted pork, delicious crackling-hot bacon strips are usually served with eggs with bread and butter and steamy [...]

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