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El Embotido This is the Filipino version of the meat loaf, which we most probably got from the Spaniards, the recipe for which has been improved by Pampanga's Best.   Unlike the American meat loaf, however, our embutido is a meat roll usually made of ground pork blended with spices, Pampanga’s Best’s unique seasoning, [...]

Corned Beef

Corned Beef Contrary to what the name implies, there are no corn kernels in corned beef. The term “corned” refers to the ancient Irish practice of putting meat into large pots and covering them with rock-salt kernels (called “corns of salt”, giving rise to the name). Our Pampanga's Best Corned Beef hews close [...]

Chicken Pops

Chicken Pops REAL MEATY GOODNESS IN EVERY BITE From the purveyor of the Original Tocino, Pampanga’s Best proudly introduces Pampanga’s Best Chicken Pops! This brand showcases a selection of flavorful pinoy favorites in bite-sized servings that is guaranteed to satisfy your hearty cravings. Pampanga’s Best Chicken Pops is quick and easy to prepare—a [...]

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