Who are the people behind Pampanga’s Best Inc.?

Pampanga’s Best, Inc. is owned and operated by the couple, Mr. Angelo D. Hizon Jr. and Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, and their twelve children. Mrs. Lolita O. Hizon, being the inventor of the original salty-sweet taste processed meat formula, is the mother of the tocino industry, and to be recognized for having coined and popularized [...]

What are the accreditations granted to Pampanga’s Best?

Pampanga’s Best Inc. acquired the AAA Category--the highest level for a manufacturing plant, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Accreditation, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) from NMIS (National Meat Inspection Service), and HALAL Accreditation under Islamic Law by Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines Inc.

What is the Vision and Mission of Pampanga’s Best Inc.?

VISION : One Pampanga's BEST product in every Filipino household worldwide, everyday. MISSION: A Filipino-owned food manufacturing company that aims to provide every Filipino household across the world the unique experience and pride of indulging in its famous Tocino, and varied Longaniza, Hotdog, and other processed meat products that has been honed through its 50 [...]

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